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Akya Canada is a talented woman, a servant, Mother, and friend who aims to change the lives of millions of people across the globe using her creativity, ingenuity, through music and literature.

Described as the next big thing in the music industry, Akya Canada is the industry’s newest Inspirational artist and has announced plans to release “Can’t Lose,” her latest single where she shows the world her amazing talent and ingenuity. Akya Canada is a multi-faceted entertainer and author that aims to use her wealth of experience, knowledge and creativity to inspire millions of people across the globe.

The music industry has evolved over the years and if there is one sector of the industry that has witnessed a tremendous change in recent times, it is gospel music. Unfortunately, while gospel music has grown tremendously recently, many of the players in the industry have not particularly satisfied the needs of consumers – listeners. This is where Akya Canada is looking to make a difference by putting out inspirational, entertaining, and content-filled songs.

The fun, loving, high spirited, bold and anointed young woman is an authentic, trailblazer that is poised with ministering through creative arts, music, speaking and writing. The energetic Akya is a natural leader that is passionate about the well being of others and she aims to continue making positive impacts with the release of “Can’t Lose.”


Akya treats music lovers across the globe to an amazing combination of a melodious voice, great tunes, and thought-provoking lyrics. These features have been the signature of Akya Canada and she looks to continue in that vein with “Can’t Lose.”

Akya will also be co-starring alongside Willie Moore Jr. in the hit gospel stage play “TEMPTATION” in Charlotte N.C. She is also working on several other projects, including My Jesus Jewel Ministries L.L.C. outreach events, Mommy and Me slumber party for Single Moms and their Daughters, and Rock Tha Block outreach.

The talented entertainer is also looking to drop the video to “I Can’t Lose” as well as her single “Fill Me Up,” which will be released in early October.

Akya Canada hopes to one day collaborate with Mary J Blige, minister in Africa, and Build transitional housing for single moms and dads that are in pursuit of higher learning.

Akya will be touring the eastern coast of the United States later in the year as she continues her ministerial pursuit through music and the release of her newly written book titled “Single Moms Pray,” which is available NOW on Amazon.


Akya Canada set to release her new

single titled

“Can’t Lose”

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