The Sentinel "Guardian of Your Conscience"
﷯Just a word… By Michele Ellison Drawing to the close of 2020, there is a lot to reflect upon and include in setting directions for the future. Aligning of the planets, experiencing the Northern Lights, as well as solar and lunar eclipses were all part of 2020. The COVID-19 virus changed the way we related to one another in families, communities, schools and businesses. With restrictions of social distancing, mask wearing, sanitizing and shut downs, also came isolation for some and solitude for others. Calling us into solitude time with the Creator of the Universe, most of us got much needed rest and family time. For a moment in time our values shifted, as we clung to family and friends through telephone calls, social media, zoom and other virtual platforms. Social beings that we are, we had to stay connected somehow. For some of us there was the loss of a loved one – family or friends, and the grieving continues. Then there were natural disasters – fires, earthquakes and floods. Loss of life, loss of income, loss of livelihood, loss of housing, and the threat of eviction or foreclosure. Food insecurity (hunger in America) Increased, with long lines for food pick-ups from community food banks. And yes, there was social unrest. The killing of George Floyd by a police officer ignited protests across the United States and around the globe. With this period came introspection and self-examination, and the beginning of the changing of policing as we have known it. Dealing with the nation’s historical racism was met with a new energy and commitment across cultural lines. And yes, there was a white-backlash as well, by some white people afraid they would be left behind and/or cancelled out of existence. Neither which will or has happened. In the midst of all that has happened, some are asking, why is this happening to you and to me. What is the Creator of the Universe saying to us? We sing God Bless America; but before there is blessing there is always a time of judgement. A confrontation or period of recognizing where we have fallen short and what we need to change to ensure a better life for ourselves and our neighbor. Before there is the blessing there is the turning away from something and a turning toward something. During this time of judgement, there has been a turning from business outside our homes and turning toward the relationships in our families. As we turned from school sports activities, we turned to what sports do to us and for us, and how we can meet those social, physical and mental needs through exercise at home or on our block and through social media. This judgement period has helped us to clarity what we are doing and why. We see more clearly, why we do what we do. Our value for human life has been challenged, as well as our values surrounding money. All of us have learned how our political system works. We have learned how our present economic system works. We’ve clarified what needs to be in place for society to function and our families, communities and businesses to thrive. As we close out 2020 and welcome 2021, let us let go of the negative, and draw from the energy of the Universe – connecting with our Creator, as we fulfill our purpose and potential. Let the blessing begin. Rev. Michele P. Ellison, ACSW, M.Div.,,


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