The Sentinel "Guardian of Your Conscience"
﷯Just a word… By Michele Ellison Continued... Just a Word by Michele P. Ellison Burning of Black Lives Matter banners on the property of churches and private property by white supremist is an overt and symbolic form of some trying to cancel Black people out of existence. The United Methodist pastor liken it to (Ku Klux Klan) “cross burnings”, which were part of the American landscape for decades. The cancelling out of a people occurs in both overt and covert ways. From subtle behaviors of not speaking or acknowledging another’s presence, to not giving people employment opportunities so they can have sustenance and fulfill their potential, to substandard education, to no or substandard quality health care and housing, to unjust imprisonment. Cancelling out can occur within groups of people, i.e., killing one another psychologically, economically, spiritually and/or physically. As we go about living our lives in the upcoming days, let us speak words of life, and do deeds that encourage the fulfilling of human potential of all in the human family. Let’s do this because your life matters, my life matters, yes- everyone’s life matters. I can do it. You can do it. We can do it. Rev. Michele P. Ellison


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