The Sentinel "Guardian of Your Conscience"
Just a word… By Michele Ellison ﷯ Are you ready for the 2021 New Year? Some among us will be holding steady to being employed or retired. Others will be closing a business and/or looking for other employment or job training. Navigating social relationships with family and friends may prove to be a challenge in 2021. Keeping family safe and healthy will again be a priority as we long to reach-out and touch, satisfying our need as human beings for physical contact. 2021 is here! “He who fails to plan, plans to fail.” The question becomes- What are your plans? Losing weight may be on your agenda. Eating more fruits and veggies. Losing 2lbs a week is reasonable and healthy for most. Exercising – walking around the block, or 30 minutes walking daily may be in order; or doing a rigorous routine with equipment and videos you have at home. There’s no telling when gyms and recreation centers will be open. You would be amazed how much can be done right in your home or neighborhood. Exercising will help channel the anger and lift the emotional depression the circumstances 2020 has brought us. Exercise changes body chemistry to give one a sense of well-being, natural high and good sleep without drugs or alcohol. Working – what type of work will you be doing in 2021? Will you be in school? Many people across America have loss their jobs. This time at home may be an excellent time to bone-up on skills, and gain new skills through free and low costs on-line training or courses. The United States government has included job training in the latest stimulus package, as well as rent assistance and a moratorium on foreclosures and evictions. Visiting more with family and friends, after the COVID-19 crisis has passed, and/or traveling out-of-state or the country may be in your plans. As we move back into a more functioning economy hopefully things will get back to normal with Americans working, gathering for sports, religious, and other social events; children in school, people keeping a roof over their head and buying the food they need to eat. As we brace ourselves and flow into 2021, let us rest in knowing that we have a loving Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer that has promised never to leave or forsake us; and who empowers each of us to be all that we can be – fulfilling your and my purpose in the universe. Blessings in 2021. Rev. Michele P. Ellison, A.C.S.W., M. Div., Tel: 412 -431-1640,


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