The Sentinel "Guardian of Your Conscience"
In the changes and chances of life Continued...  She didn’t know who, for such meager compensation at this late hour, but someone would be there. I would pay the person the amount I stipulated in our telephone call, before the person sat down to play the instrument. She said “You’ve done everything you could do; you did your part; put it in the hands of the Lord and get some sleep.” The next morning the director of one of the leading ensembles in the city arrived as the musician. You’ve used your talents and skills. You’ve done your best. Whoever is raised up will be on steady ground; and cannot be taken out of leadership or position before the time comes crafted by the Creator and/or human beings, or unless they disqualify themselves. Unless of course one is overtaken by pride to the point of arrogance. Then the age old proverb, ‘pride comes before a fall, and a haughty spirit before destruction’, goes into operation no matter whether you’re in sports, business, government, or basic relationships. You have done everything you are suppose to do– you used your talents and skills to the best you are able to at the time. You’ve practiced and done everything you could do in the situation. Focus. Let’s play ball.


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