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The Foundry 3rd down and forever ﷯On January 3, 2021, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns played a “meaningless” rubber match season finale at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, OH. The Browns prevailed winning by the score of 24-22. Most folks legitimized the Steelers loss by pointing out that the Steelers used that game as a sort of unofficial bye week having already won the AFC North Division championship and rested many of their first-tier players in anticipation of the upcoming wildcard matchup against the Browns that was scheduled for the following Sunday, January 10, 2020. The Steelers were crowned AFC North Division Champions when they staged a furious comeback on December 27, 2020 beating the Indianapolis Colts in the 11 th hour by the score of 28-24. After the victory, the Steelers donned their AFC North Championship T-shirts and hats basking in the glow of victory. Steelers 2nd string QB Mason Rudolph had barely lost the game in Cleveland, subbing for the “resting” Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger. Rudolph was 22 for 39 for 315 yards along with 2 touchdowns and 1 interception. In the Steelers playoff loss, Cleveland prevailed 48-37 with Ben Roethlisberger throwing for 501 yards and 4 interceptions. Most of Roethlisberger’s yards were “garbage” yards with the Browns playing prevent defense while holding to a 28-point first quarter lead as a result of multiple turnovers by Ben Roethlisberger. Someone had better pull Big Ben to the side and explain to him that his lack of ability will result in financial and competition liability. Ben Roethlisberger is not even remotely a team player because if he was, he would walk into the sunset and allow his lower tier understudies to be groomed for future competition. In the Star Trek movie: ‘The Wrath of Khan’ Mr. Spock says this to Captain Kirk: “Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” Captain Kirk answers, “or the one.” Ben Roethlisberger might the perfect definition of ‘the one.’ that Captain Kirk may be referring to. The world can be certain of four things: 1. Birth, 2. Taxes. 3.Death 4. Ben Roethlisberger only thinking about himself. Hereafter Ben Roethlisberger will be referred to as ‘the one’. ‘The one’ is due to collect over 41 million dollars for the 2021 season whether he underperforms or not. The Steelers will have a slew of players on the offensive and defensive players side of the ball that probably will go elsewhere because of the greed and selfishness of ‘the one’. Everyone including the junkyard dog knows that ‘the one’ is now past his prime and can no longer perform consistently in “prime time.” The era of ‘the one’ as a performer in the NFL has passed. The one’ will force himself on the team only for the sake of ego and money and certainly not because of ability and competitive fire. ‘The one’ does not deserve to collect another paycheck with the Pittsburgh Steelers or the NFL logo embossed on it. Let us be honest. ‘The one’ has become an economic and locker room cancer for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He must be removed for the sake of the franchise. Steelers GM Kevin Colbert and Head Coach Mike Tomlin have been superior regarding some of the draft picks and player personnel decisions that they have made during these recent “rebuilding” years”. Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin cannot and should not allow “the one” or any other singular player to damage their legacy and cause them to experience “job insecurity” because of “the one’s” selfishness as well as “the one’s” incompetence and diminished playing capability. From alleged sexual assaults to other alleged misconduct and character flaws including arrogance in and outside of the locker room: ‘the one’ has acquired a reputation echoed by some as a me, me, me, and more me type of personality. Oh by the way Randy Fichtner the designated personal babysitter of ‘the one’ also wore the hat as the offensive coordinator of the Steelers, has been relieved of his “sitter’s duty” as well as his offensive coordinator gig for the Steelers. He has now been sent packing after hanging on for a season too long. Is ‘the one’ on his way out? He should be but probably not. Ask yourself this question: does the need of ‘the one outweigh the needs of the many? If the past is any indicator, hell yeah. Aubrey Bruce was a sportswriter at the New Pittsburgh Courier for more than 4 decades. Over the last ten years, he wrote for the NPC and The Sentinel, simultaneously. Contact him at: or 412.583.6741


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