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Easter egg hunt

By Donnie Harris and Aubrey Bruce


 “We laid an egg.”  That was the blunt assessment of Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin regarding the 33-3 drubbing that the Pittsburgh Steelers suffered at the hands of the New England Patriots at Gillette stadium on the night of September 8, 2019.  There seemed to be a total lack of energy in regards to Pittsburgh.  They Steelers were not low energy they were no energy. Mike Tomlin said this at his weekly news conference in regards to his teams abysmal showing at New England. “Like I outlined on Sunday night we laid an egg, if you will. How you lay an egg in the National Football League really doesn’t require much. The plan wasn’t good enough.  We had poor short yardage play and poor execution of it. Again the plan wasn’t good enough and the execution of the plan wasn’t good enough. “


Now I had hoped that I wasn’t forced to eat crow in regards to the exit of Antonio Brown from the shores of the three rivers to the land of baked beans. However, after the result of the fiasco disguised as a football game that the Steelers played, I find it very difficult removing feathers from the corners of my mouth; especially when those feathers have been smeared with stick-um.  I am now putting on my sunglasses (mostly for disguise after I picked the Steelers to win by eight points, 24-18). I am also wiping the dust from my white tipped cane.  Now all Donny Harris and I have to do is find a busy corner in Foxboro and maybe we might catch Antonio Brown on his way to practice.  If that fails, we will camp out in Tom Brady’s back yard and wait for Brown and Brady to play a game of catch seeing as though Brady offered Brown a place to crash until Browns finds a pad of his own, sort of like bro bonding, ya know?  Maybe Big Ben should follow Brady’s lead and invite his receiving corps over and have a camping out retreat; complete with a few kumbaya, playbook and yoga-dedicated moments.  If that doesn’t work we could rattle some subway tokens while asking, no begging for; “alms, oops we meant wide receivers for the poor.”   As far as a serious critique of the Steelers performance against the Patriots goes; there is no sense in dragging a petrified horse though fresh mud.  It will not resurrect the horse and you could use the mud to grow something. On Sunday September 15, 2019, it doesn’t get any because Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks will be swooping into Heinz Field.  Wilson, unlike the master “pocket back” of the Patriots Tom Brady has a cannon for an arm and the legs of a Gazelle and at times can remind you of,  as the Pirates late great broadcaster Bob Prince used to say; “a bug loose on a rug.” Wilson can extend any drive at any time, no matter what the down and distance is because he is a threat to run or pass.  If the Steelers lay too many more eggs, they may have to get out of the football business and try their hand at the farming business.  They have to improve on offense, defense, special teams as well as selling beer and snacks and all other facets of their game or Easter won’t get here soon enough.  By the way, isn’t the NFL draft held near the celebration of Easter?  Let’s hope by that time, the Steelers will have something to celebrate.


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