The Sentinel "Guardian of Your Conscience"
Media Watchdog Group ﷯ Media Watchdog Group will be a new feature of The Sentinel that will debut in November 2020. If you read or see a quote written by an esteemed journalist or just a tweet or post by John Q. Regular that you think might be newsworthy, send us the quote and we will publish it and your opinion as well as a photo of you as part of our “public editorial forum.” Are you truly frustrated with all the lies and deception? If you truly are, quit whining and crying about it and just be about it! Become a member of the Media Watchdog Group. Don’t be the baby whose opinion gets tossed out with the bath water of tweets and Facebook posts. Make your opinion count become a valuable member of Media Watchdog Group. Send the quotes along with your photo to;


239 Fourth Ave., Suite 1602, Pittsburgh, PA 15222