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When it comes to the Steelers, there’s no fear-they know how to succeed Inside Conditions On October 11, 2020, immediately after the Steelers clipped the wings of the Philadelphia Eagles by the score of 38-29 A few of the “rain men” pointed out that the win was significant because the black and gold hadn’t started a season 4-0 since the 1979 season. Almost before the team could change into their ‘street clothes,’ Sports uh, writer Mark Madden said that; ‘Steelers’ hot start is ‘least impressive 4-0 in history’. What history books is he reading; the chronicles of Spongebob?’ For those of you that may be unaware, Mark Madden is royalty. He is the undisputed and unchallenged ‘king of the minions of madness’ and he also holds the title as ‘the grand wizard of the poop slingers.’ Madden seems to not be impressed with the beginning of the Steelers 2020 season as well as their 4-0 start. Could his ho-hum assessment be because Mike Tomlin continues to be the head coach of the men of steel? Did Madden like many of his additional ‘talking head’ buddies predict 2020 to be the year that the Steelers would be a rebuilding abysmal NFL failure? Also, wasn’t this was supposed to be the ultimate poop or exit the potty season for Mike Tomlin when that smoldering crackling ember under his hot seat would finally erupt into a job killing volcano? ﷯Hit REW again, please. In 1979 the most recent year that the Steelers began their season at 4-0, things were a tad different. The team’s starting QB Terry Bradshaw himself a future hall-of-famer that was in his prime that possessed a rocket arm in addition to having two future NFL hall of fame wide receivers, John Stallworth and Lynn Swann in his arsenal. Bradshaw also could fall back on a future HOF running back, Franco Harris, and a future HOF offensive lineman, center Mike Webster and that was just on offense. Let us not forget the Steel Curtain defense led by Hall of Famers Joe Greene and Jack Lambert and future hall-of-fame defensive back Donnie Shell. The Steelers also capped that 1979 campaign by defeating the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl XIV. That victory represented the final lap around the Lombardi track for the legendary Steelers head coach ‘Sir’ Charles Henry ‘Chuck’ Noll. ﷯ The 2020 Steelers squad has experienced a game cancelled during this horrible pandemic. The black and yellow squad also sports a committee by running back and have been forced to rely on the supernatural and untested skillset of a pure rookie wide receiver hybrid, Chase Claypool and the Steelers aging 16-year quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Big Ben is continuing to rehab his throwing arm after missing most of the 2019 season as a result of injury and undergoing elbow surgery. At this point in the season, the arm strength of Ben Roethlisberger at present is at best questionable. The team could possibly be 0-4 but they have defied all the odds makers and are sitting 4-0. If the team continues on its present trajectory, the dismissal of Mike Tomlin might just one of the things that Madden and his cronies won’t have the opportunity to cross off their 2020 ‘bucket list of negativity and ethnic insensitivity” on New Year’s Eve 2021. Reprinted with permission from the New Pittsburgh Courier


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