The Sentinel "Guardian of Your Conscience"
America the Dutiful What are the plans for Americans to do more than just survive the 2020 election? ﷯ Pittsburgh, PA (The Sentinel)-John Paul Jones, one of the greatest American patriots once said this when he was asked to surrender, he replied; “Surrender? I have not yet begun to fight.” The fight to determine the next President of these United States appears as if it may take a tad longer than past elections to figure out. A few hours after polls closed on November 3rd the 2020 concluding the voting process of the United States Presidential Election, the individual that sits in the first chair became delusional and dictatorial, claiming victory not on votes but on supposition, groundless conspiracy theories and purely his own perverted and selfish self-serving quest for power. He, (the person in the first chair) attacked and continues to attack our democratic process without shame; trying to stoke a class and race war so that he may possibly intervene by declaring martial law, mirroring the remedy that Abraham Lincoln was forced to use during the American civil war. With all of these social atrocities perpetrated by the current administration such as immigration separation, substandard healthcare for people in poverty and people of color the only remedy to these social inadequacies is clear; to prevent any cancer from spreading the cancer must first be identified and subsequently removed. The President of the United States now envisions himself as the general of a large civilian army not loyal to the principles and morals of the United States of America but pledging allegiance only to him, his family and his friends. There is one element about the 2020 election that most Americans have probably never witnessed in past elections; I have never witnessed retailers and businesses boarding up their places of commerce as if they were preparing for a major hurricane or storm; and law enforcement officials patrolling our cities as if they are preparing for a foreign adversary to invade our sacred shores. However, the enemy that we are preparing for will more than likely not be originating from outside our shores but more than likely these atrocities will be perpetrated from; “the boys’ next door.”. There may be ‘miniature Pearl Harbors- in-waiting’ throughout our great nation with little or no warning that may find many Americans unprepared to wage a fight and provide adequate resistance to “this enemy from within.” The actions by a few of the “patriotic” American populace raises serious questions and uncovers additional concerns about the so-called; “Constitutional” peaceful transfer of power. ﷯ Our comparison and evaluation of the current group of candidates that are part of the historical group of the perpetual seekers of those to sit on our nation’s first chair should be completed by now but from an historical perspective the report card for these participants may take decades maybe even centuries to be completed. The election year 2020 can be correctly defined as; “the year of the lies” and has robbed our governing body as well as our political and social foundation of not only the premise and promise of democracy but the reception for humanity and the acceptance of common decency. Morality seems to have been expunged from the psyche of a significant percentage of the American populace and has been replaced with the hijacking and perversion of the American core values of freedom, equality and love for our fellow citizens and in some cases causing our democracy to be almost unrecognizable. When certain people profess that others are cheaters and liars, we must test the Kool-Aid that they send us that they swear is Moscato. There are folks that will do anything to gain and maintain power. The swamp has not even began to be drained because it is religiously and effortlessly being diligently maintained. There is evidence of not only voter suppression but vote destruction. Endless lawsuits are being filed to purposely void legitimate votes as a dark pathway to a devious and purposely effort to attain and maintain the status quo. All of the fluffy and theoretical keepers of the flame of democracy now have fire hoses of injustice at their disposal spewing out the waters of hate and intolerance to extinguish the fires of change and humanity. There are some that are now volunteering their services to serve as smiling pallbearers gladly carrying and escorting the coffin containing the deteriorating and decaying body of justice lowering it not into a shallow grave but depositing it into an eternal abyss. When the current administration attacked and diluted the postal system in the midst of a genocidal pandemic, they were fully cognizant of the devastating impact that such actions would have on a significant percentage of an economically and geographically challenged demographic comprised mostly of people of color. The upcoming days, weeks, months and years will determine whether we will continue to be known and revered as America the free or dissolve and be defined in the near and far future as; America the bleak. However, regardless of our opinion regarding our present political, social and economic conditions as well as our position in the American “caste” system; America has spoken and we will always fight to honor; America the beautiful.


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